About Us

Your Friend 4 Life was founded in January 2011 by insurance
agency owner Tim Wilhoit with a vision of being helpful and affordable to the
largest demographic Hard Working Americans. We, at Your Friend 4 Life, strive
to find affordable solutions for people who earn a modest wage. We shop scores
of insurance companies to find the best prices on life insurance, disability
insurance and supplemental insurance for an individual’s budget. Our agents
also help Middle Americans save for retirement and children’s college funds
without breaking their budget with our unique “Nest Egg” products.

Tim Wilhoit personally trains the agents to help this underserved
demographic while providing the agents top commissions and teaching them how to
market themselves in the new millennium. We don’t just give an agent a fish, we
teach them how to fish with social media and innovative tools to reach their
underserved market.

Our “Nest Egg” product for large companies that have low
401k/403b participation rate issues is the innovative solution at no net cost to
the employer. Using the ACA compliant wellness program Employers can save $500 per employee annually using a section 125 plan. Our”Nest Egg” can be funded for each employee through tax savings without changing the employees net take home pay so everyone  WINS!

These products and solutions make Your Friend 4 Life a very unique and special insurance agency to enjoy your insurance career.

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We can’t wait to get know and help you and become Your new Friends 4 Life.