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The expression hind sight is 20/20 is very familiar to all of us. This old expression was stated for those that miss an opportunity out of fear or just not paying attention. We have all seen opportunities that seemed like a scam, scheme, impossible or just plain dumb, that went on to become something amazing. How did we miss it? Were we afraid? Did we just lack the vision to see it? Why do we miss the opportunity?

One of the best proverbs I ever heard about opportunity was the story of the young man who wanted to cross… Continue reading

I was in another training class this week and found this exercise very interesting. Our brain really does play tricks on us. We all have a blind spot when it comes to seeing certain things. No matter how hard we focus and pay attention to the details, we still miss things. Is your brain tricking you? Take the test and see.


Read the following sentence, straight through one time.







Now go through it again one more time and pick… Continue reading

I was in a training class this week about time management. But really we cannot truly manage time, but only our own behavior with time or time behavior. The trainers referenced the late great Stephen Covey’s model of “Four Quadrants” of time management. This old video with Dr. Covey and a busy professional lady is a great reminder of how we should all schedule our priorities.

The Quadrants are numbered 1-4 and are laid out in a square.

First Quadrant is Urgent and Important
o These are our Crisis, our deadlines and emergencies
o If we stay here, we… Continue reading

For those of you that are millennials or younger, James Bond, aka 007, was a famous fictional character by Ian Fleming, based loosely on his life during World War II as a British naval intelligence officer. Most of us that know the James Bond character, know him as the world’s greatest secret agent. Unfortunately, some people just getting into sales come off as James Bond themselves. Are you keeping a secret from your friends, family and connections about what you sell for a living? You cannot afford to be the James Bond of sales.

It is never comfortable for a… Continue reading

The next generation of young adults are coming of age in the job market and becoming consumers. They are known as Millennials. The Millennials according to most studies are those adults in the US aged 18-34. There are an estimated 75.5 million Millennials compared to Baby Boomers, aged 51-68, 72.6 million, making them the largest segment of the US population. These young adults by 2018 will be the largest segment of the working population as well. They are too large to ignore. The media reports they will be our smartest generation. I am not sure I agree completely. As a… Continue reading

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