Employers with 2 or More Employees:

Are you getting the Cash Incentives and Rebates in which you are Entitled?

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FACT: Only about 5% of American Employers are claiming their incentive credits.

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Which statements are true for your business? 

Check those that apply: Do You...

☐ Offer Employee Health Insurance without receiving Wellness Incentives? ☐ Custom design your solution over a shelf based solution? ☐ Experiment/test new materials, supplies or chemicals? ☐ Perform any design work? ☐ Have any other locations? Out of City or State? ☐ Export product to other countries ☐ Have a wholesale component to your business? ☐ Perform any training for yourself or your team via the internet?

In the last 3 to 4 Years Have You...

☐ Improved or upgraded your website? ☐ Initiated any type of social media campaigns? ☐ Changed, adjusted or improved your eCommerce software? ☐ Made adjustments to your business model? ☐ Changed your procedures/processes? ☐ Had any risk with your business?

If you checked at least 2 boxes you are possibly due cash incentives, including retroactive refunds with interest.

Employee Health and Financial Wellness Program

Employers of 2 or more employees are taking advantage of the new wellness incentive savings by adding the new ACA compliant wellness program to their current health insurance plan. Employers save approximately $500 per participating employee annually. Employees receive additional benefits for participating in an education based wellness program with no out of pocket expense! We Use a Participatory Wellness Plan Versus a Results Wellness Plan, No Physical Exams!

Employees Receive No Cost Benefits
    • Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaches
    • Telemedicine
    • Health Screenings Via Mail
    • Couples Counseling
    • Virtual Addiction Recovery
    • Pre-Diabetes Coaching
    • 2nd & 3rd Shift Employees
    • Home Based Employees
    • HIPAA Privacy Protected
Employees Receive Benefits
    • Via Website
    • Via Smart Phone
    • Via Tablet/Ipad
    • Apple or Android OS
    • Content & Video Available

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