Employee Health and Financial Wellness Program

Employers Save, on average, $500 per Employee Annually in FICA payroll taxes.

  • Employers are taking advantage of the new payroll FICA tax savings by adding the new ACA compliant wellness program through a section 125 plan.
  • The net savings to Employers averages $500 per employee per year in FICA tax savings.
  • Can you honestly track your Employees on your current Wellness Program? We Can!
  • The employees receive benefits without changing their net take home pay through section 105/106, so everyone WINS!
  • Our Benefits Only Enhance Your Company’s Current Benefits, not Replace Your Benefits
  • We Use a Participatory Wellness Plan Versus a Results Wellness Plan, No Physical Exams!

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All Inclusive Wellness Program that includes:

  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Nutrition
  • Bio Metric Screening
  • $50 Credit on FITBIT
  • DNA Testing
  • Prostate Exams/ Mamograms

All Inclusive Illness/Injury Benefits that include:

  • No Cost Telemedicine Program
  • Discounts on RX, Labs, Testing and More
  • No Cost Access to Psychologists
  • No Cost Nurse Hotline


An Employee Bank that creates a “Nest Egg” that includes:

  • A Fixed Annuity for Retirement Savings
  • Protected by a Cash Value Whole Life Insurance Policy
  • Program Can Self Complete in Case of a Disability or Sudden Death
  • Terminal Illness Rider allows payment up to 100% before Death
  • Continued Care Rider allows payments in case of Nursing Home Confinement