How Much Would You Pay for a Pot of Gold?

How Much Would You Pay for a Pot of Gold?

In 1888, an old country doctor rode to a small Georgia town with his horse and buggy. He hitched up to a local drug store and went in the back stock room to speak to a young clerk. On his buggy was a large kettle with a wooden paddle. The old doctor explained it a magic kettle, a true pot of gold. If the young clerk where to purchase the kettle, he would receive a secret formula that is worth a king’s ransom. The young clerk gave the old doctor his life savings of $500 for the kettle and secret piece of paper. In 1888, $500 would be worth approximately $13,000 today, a lot of money for drug store clerk.

For it took another man’s skill set to make the kettle boil over with gold. It was a skill the old doctor lacked, yet one the young clerk possessed. The pot could produce so much gold that is still being produced today 130 years later.When the old doctor handed over the piece of paper, the young clerk’s eyes lit up, for it was more gold than the world had ever seen. This magic kettle from the small Georgia town, was soon known around the world.

The magic kettle began producing so much gold, the small town became the capital of the south. Its’ contents created more jobs than could have been imagined. Jobs in the sugar cane industry, the glass bottle industry, the warehouse and transportation industry and even the advertising industry.

Soon the young clerk was worth millions and by 1916 was even elected mayor of the former small town of Atlanta. He built the largest building of its time and donated land where Emory University, Emory Hospital and even the Hartsville-Jackson Atlanta International airport stand today.

The old doctor was a man by the name of John Pemberton and the young clerk who bought his magic kettle and formula for $500 was Asa Candler the founder of Coca-Cola. This was the secret formula the magic kettle produced and continues to produce today. What would you pay for a magic pot of gold? Would you give your life’s savings?

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”—Jonathan Swift

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