Don’t Look Backwards, You Are Not Going That Way

Don’t Look Backwards, You Are Not Going That Way

There are lots of people that seem to spend too much time thinking about their past. You know the glory days, whether it be high school, college or some time specific in the past. If you continue to look backwards, you will wake up one day without a past. We must live in the moment and focus on our future. No matter how much we may have loved our past and miss our past, we are not going in that direction. Don’t look backwards.

It is certainly okay to reminisce about our past experiences. We certainly must learn from our past in order not to repeat mistakes and take advantage of opportunities. I am speaking about spending so much time with our memories of the past or wishing to go back in time that we miss living in the moment and planning for the future. I have seen some really sad cases of old friends that never overcame their glory days of high school. If your life is such that you peaked in high school you have a serious problem.

I have a good friend that journals every night about his life for the day. He is not dwelling in the past but mapping his future. The people we meet, the places we go, the experiences of the day should be recorded. Sometimes we forget our path and cannot reproduce future results because we may miss an important step. Writing a daily journal is a great idea to use to reflect back about our path, but certainly not dwelling in the past but rather trying to recreate the good situations and minimize the bad situations.

Try writing a journal or typing it electronically. This is a great habit to form. Write about what went right and what went wrong every day. It will become a great manual to live life. Plus it would be a great legacy to pass on to your children. Don’t look backwards just record it to move forward.

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”—Thomas Jefferson

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