Don’t Worry Be Happy

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Don’t Worry Be Happy was a catchy tune from Bobby McFerrin back in 1988. It became the first a cappella song to make the Billboard 100 and held it for 2 weeks. Why, would this silly little song get so much attention? Was it the catchy tune or wonderful lyrics? I think not. I believe as human beings we just want to be happy, no matter what. Ask any parent and they all say, I just want my children to be healthy and happy.  I just read that the United States ranks as the 105th happiest country, which I personally believe is a biased study, but what’s not to be happy about? Why is being happy so important?

Is it important to be happy? Actually according to a 2010 study, you can actually extend your life by being happy. Researchers could actually predict how successful a person would be in life with their marriage, business and personal relationships by judging their childhood pictures. It seems how much you smiled in your childhood pictures determined your happiness which determines your life. If you don’t believe this to be true, let’s consider the other research the team also observed.

The research team collected 250 baseball cards from the 1952 MLB season and traced the mortality of these players based on their smiles. The smiles were broken into 3 categories, first a big ear to ear toothy smile, second a slight smile with no teeth showing and last no smile at all. The results were astounding. The last group with no smile all passed away at an average age of 72.9 years old. The second group of slight smiles died at an average age of 75.0, but the big toothy smiling players died at an average of 79.9 years old. They lived on average 7 years longer than those that did not smile. Obviously, not every study is fool proof, but one has to seriously consider the consequences of not being a happy person.

So many people I talk to are always looking for things to “make” them happy. As if another person, event or thing can determine happiness. Being happy is between our ears. We are the only one that can determine happiness. We have full control of our own emotions, whether it is sad, mad, frustrated or happy, only we can determine that. We as humans learn things by creating habits. Being depressed is as much of a habit as is being happy. Try being positive, in other words, look on the bright side of any situation. Connect with people that bring you up and make you feel better about yourself. We are social beings it is hard to be happy alone. Be grateful daily for what you have and never worry about what you don’t have. If you are grateful daily you will find you have more things to be thankful for and become happier. Above all try to find things that make you laugh every day. Just take baby steps to become as happy as possible and enjoy an extra 7 years of life. Don’t worry be Happy!!!

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.Denis Waitley

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