Is Your Dream Big Enough?

Is Your Dream Big Enough?

When you think about where you want to be in your life, is your dream big enough? Richard Branson once stated “if your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.” I don’t believe most people dream that big. Something inside most people make them feel big dreams cannot be achieved. That only the fortunate or the lucky can achieve those dreams. Our only limitations on achieving our dreams live only in our own heads. The universe is ours for the taking if we dream big enough.

There are 4 key aspects to achieving our dreams:

  • Focus– We have to stay focused on what we are trying to accomplish to achieve our dream. There are always obstacles in our way. The focused individual never sees the obstacles, only the achievable goal. I grew up in rural East Tennessee where plow horses were used. The farmer would strap blinders on the horse to block their peripheral vision, so it would not become distracted and stay focused on plowing the rows in a straight line. We must place those preverbal blinders on to hit our goals and not become distracted by obstacles. Remember, we always hit what we are aiming at. Be sure of your target. Is your dream big enough?


  • Attitude–This is such an important part of our day as a salesperson or business owner. It is hard to have a great attitude when it seems everything else is going wrong. Some people are like ostriches and put their heads in the sand and give in to bad situations by running away from the problem or drowning it out by artificial means and forget about the dream. If you change your attitude about a problem and see it as an opportunity, the problem goes away. Try to inspire yourself daily with music, a great book passage or even a scene from a movie. It’s hard to be down when watching Rocky run up those steps and stand toe to toe against Apollo Creed. Do whatever it takes to have your attitude up high every day. You will find it is contagious and your employees, prospects and clients will catch your fever as well. Let your passion for what you do come through all day, every day. 


  • Habits– Psychologists have proven that if we repeat a process for 21 days in a row it becomes a habit. Look at your business and even your personal-life for that matter. What little things can you do daily to change an outcome to something you want to see? Implement it immediately and consciously practice it for 21 days in a row. Once it becomes a habit, you will do it every day without thinking about it. Then find another practice for the next 21 days. Aristotle was quoted as “we are what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit”.


  • Belief-— You must believe in yourself that your dream can and will be achieved. Nothing can stop you if you just believe it is already occurred. A steam locomotive can be held by a single small block of wood if standing still. But once the locomotive starts to roll, it cannot be stopped by a concrete wall. Remember only you can stop you, nothing or no one else has the power to stop you from achieving your dreams. Is your dream big enough to scare you?

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”.—Walt Disney

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Tim Wilhoit is owner/principal of Your Friend 4 Life Insurance Agency in Nashville, TN. He is a family man, father of 3, entrepreneur, insurance agent, life insurance broker, salesman, sales trainer, recruiter, public speaker, blogger, author and team leader with over 28 years of experience in sales and marketing in the insurance and beverage industries.

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  • Thanks for the motivation!

  • Nick, thanks for the kind words my friend.

  • I’ve been thinking a lot about this exact topic. There’s a lot of ink spent on the idea of work/life balance, and setting reasonable (i.e. realistic and achievable) goals. On the other hand, “stretch” goals or dreaming big can push us to perform beyond what we think we are capable of. Thanks for giving me some more things to think about.

  • inspiring

  • Thank you Mark and Amanda, remember “realistic goals” are only limitations we put on ourselves. Go for it!

  • Great read, thanks 4 sharing.

  • Really enjoyed this read. I think another good aspect to focus on is work ethic. Setting goals and then working hard towards them can help reach these aspirations.

  • Thank you Carla and Zachary, that is a great point I left out. I appreciate you sharing it.

  • Great, GREAT post. I listen to, worship, praise God each day with Hezekiah Walker’s Every Praise, and varying worship songs. It’s impossible to not be grateful and lifted, if down, when down or stressed or on overwhelm when the day starts with thanksgiving and praise! Stand by Donnie McClurkin is in the mix. I’ve done all I can Lord, I’m trusting, believing, and leaning on You!

  • Really nice article

  • Great post, Tim! Thanks!

  • I completely agree, dreaming big will bring results.

  • Think & Dream Big! Great Article, thanks for sharing.

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