How Powerful Are Your Thoughts?

How Powerful Are Your Thoughts?

Your own thoughts in most cases create your reality. Therefore how you think or your imagination is more powerful than your circumstances. Earl Nightingale spoke of the “Strangest Secret” that “we become what we think about most often”. Everything you see today started out in someone’s imagination. The building you are in, the chair in which you sit and the computer you are reading this article on all started as a person’s thought. We are all creators, good, bad or indifferent, our lives are our thoughts being played out. How powerful are your thoughts? Let’s take the story of Nick Stizman.

Nick Stizman was a part time railroad worker. Nick was a large bull of a man. He was married with two children. Nick had one big issue, he was a worrier. He was always worried about something bad happening to himself or his family. Remember what Earl Nightingale stated.

One mid-summer day Nick was working on a refrigerated box car in the rail yard. When Nick finished his work, he realized he was locked in the freezer car and no one knew he was there. He began to beat on the doors screaming for help until his voice was completely hoarse. He had beaten the door with his fists until they were bruised and bloody. He began to realize his worst fears, he was going to die in this freezer. He began to cut a message into the wooden floor as his dying declaration. He even mentioned that his hands were so cold that he could no longer write in the wooden floor. He knew he was going to die there.

The next morning when his fellow workers came in and opened the box car, there they found Nick dead on the floor. It appeared he had frozen to death which an autopsy later confirmed. The strange part of the story is the box car was only 55 degrees when they found him. It was determined the box car temperature never dropped below 50 degrees. However, Nick’s own thoughts were so powerful he truly believed he was freezing to death and did die from hyperthermia. Nick’s powerful thoughts and years of worry had manifest itself into his own death.

We must be protective of the way we think. If we are positive in our thinking, we live a very good life. However, if we are a negative thinker, only bad things seem to happen. We all know that person with a dark cloud over their head. Change your thoughts and change your life. It is the hardest easy thing you will ever do, but it is totally necessary. Here’s to your positive thoughts!

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”. —Albert Einstein

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