It Is Your Responsibility for Response-Ability

It Is Your Responsibility for Response-Ability

Everything in life is our own responsibility. Not that we are responsible for every situation but how we respond to every situation in our life. No one can control every situation, but everyone can control their attitude towards every situation. This is called Response-Ability. The ability to respond correctly and positively to whatever life throws at us. Too many people complain and blame instead of responding correctly with a positive attitude and what can we do to make the best of every situation.

About 4 years ago, I wrote a blog about this very clever poem I found by CBS news anchor Charles Osgood. I found the story or poem and it really made me chuckle about the measures Americans will go to avoid blame. This is the story of four people named everybody, somebody, anybody and nobody. I hope you enjoy the poem as much as I did. Who Is to Blame? The Story of Responsibility.

Too many people fail one very simple principle. Take personal responsibility, OWN IT! It is extremely empowering to learn how much control we as humans have when we take responsibility for our own lives, our messes, our failures and ultimately our successes. I have always taught my children growing up, no one owes you anything. You are to be grateful for anything and everything you have. No one is entitled, that is a fantasy and fair is a place with rides and cotton candy. Stop worrying about what you don’t have and be thankful for what you do.

What a great world this would be if everyone took response-ability, not just responsibility. If we are grateful, we have more to be grateful for through abundance. If we always complain about what we lack we have an attitude of scarcity. Like it or not we attract like giant magnets through our thoughts and beliefs. As Napoleon Hill taught “we become what we think about most”. Become a success by using your response-ability.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”Buddha

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