Success Why Not You?

Success Why Not You?

Why is success so elusive for so many people? Could it be most people focus on the wrong thing? I talk to a lot of agents and clients every week and this subject comes up a lot. I have met very few that want to fail or not have any dreams or ambitions in life, but there are some folks who just want to exist. Most want the key to the castle of their dreams but believe it is not possible for them, only the lucky few. I subscribe that there is no such thing as luck. As the quote from Seneca stated “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. Let’s take a look at the basic formula for success.

There are countless books, audios, videos and seminars on this very subject and certainly this blog won’t even scratch the surface. However, the basics are all the same. The first key ingredient is your why. As simple as this sounds, it is where most folks fail. Your why must be bigger than yourself. Without a big enough why, when the going gets tough, you will quit. It’s the why, that gets you up in the middle of the night, makes you work late, makes you lose track of time and days, it is the single driving force of success. Your why cannot just be about money. You must find a way to have a win-win situation. As Henry Ford stated “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”. Your success hinges on a business idea that helps someone or is a value to someone other than yourself. It should be a solution to a problem whether large or niche. If you don’t get this step right, nothing else will help a person succeed.

The next ingredient in a success formula is your belief system. If you believe that success was only meant for a lucky few, just stop now. As Henry Ford stated “if you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you are right”. Once you have your why, then you must believe it to be possible. Our belief systems are so ingrained to who we are it controls our destiny to success. Take the African Elephant, a very smart animal. When the elephant is small it is chained with a shackle on its rear leg to a steel post in a few feet of concrete. The little elephant pulls and pulls to free itself for weeks and months until he finally gives up. The elephant believes he is trapped no matter what he does. Notice when you go to a circus the adult elephants are chained with the same shackle and chain to a wooden stack only about a foot in the ground. The powerful adult elephant could easily pull up the stake and escape. However, his belief is that no matter what he does, he can’t escape, so he doesn’t even try. That training is in his belief system. Some people are “trained” to believe they can’t succeed even though if their belief changed their success would also change. You must believe you WILL Succeed!

The last ingredient is easy with the first two why and belief. It is focus. You cannot get distracted with all of the things in our market today. The internet has created a vast market of “stuff”, you must remain laser focused on your definite chief aim and not brake for squirrels. Keep your why in front of you, believe in it as if it has already happened and stay focused on achieving that goal. Remember,” if you are shooting for the stars you seldom hit mud.” Here’s to your success!

“if not you then who? If not now then when?” John Lewis

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Tim Wilhoit is owner/principal of Your Friend 4 Life Insurance Agency in Nashville, TN. He is a family man, father of 3, entrepreneur, insurance agent, life insurance broker, salesman, sales trainer, recruiter, public speaker, blogger and team leader with over 27 years of experience in sales and marketing in the insurance and beverage industries.

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  • A great reminder for everyone! Thanks for sharing.

  • Derek and Carla, thank you for your kind words, I am grateful for your feedback.

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing another great article with us. I loved the line, “When you aim for the stars, you seldom hit mud.” And yes, you’ve got to have a “why” aka a “definite major purpose”, and it’s got to be big enough and hot enough to keep you going until you reach it.

  • I think your last point is crucial! With all of the options that we have as agents to be all things to everyone, we have to focus. My boss has a plaque in his office that says “If you try to chase two rabbits at once, both will escape.” Focus on what you are the best at!!

  • Justin, you are correct and I really appreciate you sharing that plaque, very true!

  • zaydablas@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing think that the moment of truth is now, quote messages help me to succeed

  • A great reminder for everyone, and really appreciate you

  • Along with the why is fulfilling our clients needs!

  • Great article,
    The most effective resoning for the common denominator of success was delivered by the Legend Life Insurance professional Jack Bobo at an annual conference. The distilled conclusion is , “successful people are willing to do the things non-successful people aren’t willing to do.”

  • Very nice article.
    The “why” should be the corner stone of our actions. Or the “what for” question (our purpose, our values, our lighthouse). And its not only about business.

  • Excellent point Francis, thank you for sharing.

  • A great article Tim. If you think you can succeed, you will. If you don’t, you won’t, but focus is imperative!!

  • Thank you for the kind words Prescott.

  • Another great blog with another great message. Thanks Tim!

  • Tim . You missed out on
    * your driving purpose in this life and also

    * passion for your personal values

    Number one is not so easy to have clarity on. But once found then everything else becomes clear. Maybe insurance or selling insurance is not actually some ones designed purpose. However maybe there is an element with in the world of “risk” which is reflective of the individuals purpose but they have not yet found it. The world of risk is huge with many silos and insurance is only one of the silos.

  • Was it not Ralph Waldo Emerson who said”success is how your children describe you to their friends” I am a success in my book. It’s how you treat people and how you feel about yourself. NOT HOW MUCH MONEY AND STUFF YOU HAVE.

  • John, you are correct about passion, however when one finds their definite chief aim, I do believe they will have found their passion as well. Barbara, you make a good point. However, I believe it was Zig Ziglar that stated money was not important but it is up on the list with oxygen. Thank you both for sharing. Great insights!

  • How do they find their chief aim – In life ?
    This is not and easy question to answer . Some people call it clarity . The word is simple to say but it is not easy to comprehend. Some people use the word to define the reason for a business to be in existence and to incorporate into their elevator pitch . Some people will not want to give their elevator pitch unless its a 32 floor building and the person that you are pitching to is going all the way to the top with you metaphorically speaking (as well) .
    However I found it difficult to understand clarity until a I read a 250 page book which took you through the steps of clarity. However the underlying foundation to clarity is to have purpose .What is your purpose in life because this is going to give you the passion and then it gives you clarity and you can ignore the noise of the environment around you. Thus you become focused and energised because you believe it . You own it. It becomes your passion and then all the negative comments all the objections become irrelevant as you gain in confidence. You don’t need to prove yourself based on dollar sales , kpi figures to prove your worth. Your driver , your passion is your soul. Your energy is your spirit and when you are on the right road for your found purpose grace will deliver to you It took me three years to define my purpose . Its simply “to assist people to be aware of choices in their lives ” When I have made a difference in some ones life for the better I know I have fulfilled my purpose. Do I get paid for this . Sometimes . Is it my driver . Hell no

  • John,
    I agree with everything you are saying. Finding a definite chief aim is very difficult for most people. It takes a lot of thought, quite thought. However, once you find it, you will never work another day in your life. The passion and everything will drive you to that ultimate goal.

  • Great message!

  • So maybe the answer is to assist people to find /discover explore and become aware of their purpose.


  • We can be our own worst enemy or biggest cheerleader – its all in what you REALLY believe about yourself.

  • I believe my success will come from helping others protect their families and futures by better understanding the means to do so. Hea

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