3 Powers of Organized Effort

3 Powers of Organized Effort

For those readers that keep up with my blogs probably know that I have been studying Napoleon Hill’s “Success in 16 Lessons” for some time now. A very intriguing lesson is the thirteenth lesson on cooperation. Hill points to an interesting fact about the 3 powers of organized effort in a way I had never really considered. Let’s look at the 3 powers of organized effort separately.

  • Concentration—The emphasis here is on one’s ability to focus on their definite chief aim or end game goal. No matter what you are currently doing, how does it end? What is the exit strategy to your business, your job, your occupation? Nothing lasts forever, so do you know what the end of this looks like? It is crucial to have a definite chief aim to work towards. Remember we are creators, you determine your life’s story. If you don’t create your story in your mind, others will create your story. I assure you they do not have your best interest in mind. 


  • Co-operation—This power deals with all aspects of cooperation. The cooperation of the mind and body. The way we think controls the body to perform the actions necessary to do the daily tasks to reach our definite chief aim. The cooperation of others in our lives. Whether it is the people we love, work for or work with, we must instill cooperation in such a harmony, that everyone and everything in the universe will conspire to help us achieve our definite chief aim. You do this by working and doing more than is expected. This becomes a motivator for others to begin following you and creating this needed cooperation. Give it a try.


  • Co-ordination—The final power is the power to coordinate your dreams, thoughts and efforts in such a way you begin to move towards your definite chief aim. Coordination like concentration takes daily focus. It is the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about at night. The enemy of action is procrastination. The enemy of courage is fear. The enemy of success is jealousy, envy, hatred and doubt. We cannot be successful without being a dream-doer, not just a dreamer.


Remember in life, everything is done by habit. Whether you have good habits or bad habits, ultimately these habits control your destiny. Just like the habit to overeat leads to obesity, the habit of not dreaming and doing leads to failure after failure. The only person responsible for how your life turns out is you. Not your circumstances, parents, history or anything else, just you. That my friend is a very empowering discovery. Now go work on your 3 powers of organized effort.


“Thousands of people walked over the Calumet Copper Mine without discovering it. Just one lone man got busy with a pick and found it. You may be standing on your ‘Calumet Mine’ right now, without knowing it, in whatever position you are filling. Dig down and see what is under the surface of your postion.”—Napoleon Hill


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