Be Grateful Everyday

Be Grateful Everyday

I have found it interesting that according to all of my Facebook friends the entire month of November is to be thankful daily instead of just on Thanksgiving Day. It is an interesting concept, but why does it only apply now to November? Why aren’t people thankful every day?

I have found that most of my life I have been thankful daily. It probably stems from my being raised in the south by a very southern mother that taught me, sometimes with a belt or a switch, that I use my manners and be grateful for everything I have. See I was taught from a very young age, no one owes you anything in life and you need to be grateful for everything you have. It seems our society has strayed away from that concept. Sadly there are a lot of Americans that feel entitled to things instead of earning them and being grateful when they receive them. I’m not talking about saying grace before one eats dinner; I mean sincerely being thankful for all of the good things in our lives daily. Everyone has something to be grateful for in their life.

I reflect at the end of each day in my being grateful in my daily prayers personally. But even an atheist can reflect and be grateful daily, because it is not a religious ritual to be grateful. See when you have a grateful spirit you attract more things to be grateful about into your life. By focusing on things you are grateful for, you will find you will have more positive thoughts. If you dwell on the bad things that happened daily, you will tend to stay negative which attracts more negative in your life. I find the entitled crowd seems to love to blame certain groups, corporations, government, republicans, democrats, parents, bosses, etc. When in reality they are making themselves a victim. The dictionary defines a victim as one who suffers from a destructive or injurious action or who is deceived or cheated as by one’s own emotions or ignorance. Doesn’t sound like a very positive experience to me? If you are grateful, happy and positive, you will find very soon you don’t like attending “pity parties” because they are not very fun. Positive things will come your way if you persist to have positive thoughts and have faith.

I find if I reflect (pray) about how fortunate I am to have been married for over 23 years with three great children. I have a great family, friends and a thriving business. Specifically, I pray about the best things that happened that day no matter how small. Do I have things that go wrong every day? You better believe it. I have some things that are so bad, I have no idea how it’s going to get better, but somehow it always works itself out.  I never focus on a bad situation. I am always grateful that it wasn’t any worse and I have faith it will work itself out. I just laugh it off and never worry about things. If you want a more positive life, you have to be grateful each and every day. Even if everything is going bad in your life, we all have something to be thankful, whether it is a roof over our head, food in our stomach, the beauty of a tree or our health.  Be Grateful everyday and you will find life is a wonderful ride. Happy Thanksgiving!

In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.”–Brother David Steindl-Rast

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Tim Wilhoit is owner/principal of Your Friend 4 Life Insurance Agency in Nashville, TN. He is a family man, father of 3, entrepreneur, insurance agent, life insurance broker, salesman, sales trainer, recruiter, public speaker, blogger and team leader with over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing in the insurance and beverage industries.

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  • “Be thankful for your troubles identified with your job. They provide you with about half of your income. If it weren’t for the things that go wrong; the difficult people you are required to deal with, and the unpleasantness of your working day, someone could easily be found to handle your job for about half of what you’re paid. The ‘jobs’ that command high respects and, usually, the correspondingly high salaries, are those that demand unusual accomplishment.”
    – John Wesley Lord

  • Duke, that is an awesome quote. I really appreciate you sharing it with us. Another thing to be grateful for.

  • Very true. Even when you think your situation is bad, there’ll always be a lot of people worse off. Expressing appreciation for what one has, helps one focus on the good things and makes the bad things seem not that bad!

  • Very well stated Jenny, I appreciate you sharing that thought with us.

  • Very inspirational – well put Tim. Thank you for your blog. Having lived abroad for many years, I have seen first hand misery and now that I am back stateside, I am thankful for the ability to restart myself here!

  • Walt, I appreciate your kind words. We should be the most thankful country on the planet. We have it very good in the US. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you, Tim for your sharing. Sometimes I forgot myself to be grateful for everything I have now and start to seeing others. Your sharing reminds me again to stop eyeing others cups.

  • Thanks giving is a continuous process.I really appreciate you sharing it with us.

  • Tim
    I for one can appreciate that the attitude of gratitude does perpetuate a sense of happiness and well being.
    Many of my preceding years of suspicion and outright distrust of my fellow man was developed through negative reinforcement.
    Yet when I began to take a different view of life the scenery transformed.Now I make room for a man or woman to demonstrate their true character.And I must admit that my faith in humankind has been renewed as the result.
    I myself was born in Nashville and have since moved to sunny Daytona Beach Florida.

  • Ed,
    I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts about being positive and grateful. I couldn’t agree more with you my friend. Happy Thanksgiving from Nashville to you my friend!

  • Thank you for sharing, enjoyed the article and agree that everyone should be grateful for what they have.

  • Tim I am grateful everyday for the opportunity to follow and learn from top Influencers like yourself everyday!!! So I would like to say THANK YOU!!! I also would like to wish you and your family a safe and very blessed Thanksgiving and holiday season!!

  • Always love to talk with and hear from encouraging and positive people. I see we are both in the insurance field.

  • Jan, thank you for the kind words. I hope you love the insurance industry as much as I do! thanks again for your connection!

  • I’m thankful you are willing to share your thoughts. I hope this reaches many folks over the next few days and that it helps change their day!

  • I am grateful to you dear Tim….God bless….

  • Kamal and Nick, today I am grateful for your kind words and feedback. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • So True Tim Blessed beyond measure! Great Words!

  • Imagine that you only had 2 years left to live. What would you do? I had that very client in my office today for planning meeting. Very sad, but we were planning what happens after he’s gone. what to do when he goes into the care facility, hospice, etc. Income for his wife, life insurance proceeds, etc. At the end of the meeting I told him that I learned way more from him than he could ever learn from me. That 1 hour meeting will stick with me forever.

  • Colin, what a great lesson to all of us. That puts life into perspective very quickly. The things one becomes grateful for changes on a dime. God bless your client, may the next 2 years be lived to the fullest. I am sure he is grateful for your advice, knowing his loved ones will be cared for as well. Thank you for sharing this story.

  • I agree about it being daily expression, maybe if we can raise awareness in November, it will become easier to show it in December, then January, then February and so on… Some people take a little longer to catch on.

  • I like the thought of be thankful after November, but I am also a realist (Darn) Why does not good feelings toward all people last beyond December, why does not National pride last beyond July. Every day I can stand upright I am Thankful. I pleadge to be thankful beyond November.

  • Ahhh. Nice topic. “This is a day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad i it!’

  • Great posting Tim.I live my life “trying” to be grateful everyday. The best things in life are free, the sun,moon, stars, waves, mountains,beaches,birds, flowers, trees, change of seasons,smile and hug from a friend.So easy to be grateful!

  • I am Greateful for a whole lot of great stuff in my life…:)

  • In a year that has provided so many ups and downs, for our industry, our economy, our country and our world, I have made a conscience effort to end my day with a reflection of what has been positive. I have been blessed this year with new opportunities to travel, meet new and existing advisors while learning about them and their business from a new perspective, share my knowledge and gain valuable new insights, and be challenged by my staff and family everyday to hold myself to a higher standard. I am thankful for what has come to me and what I have earned, who I have met and those opportunities I will have in the coming year for new relationships and at the end of the day, most importantly, I am happy with who I have become. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Very well stated Chris. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Being Grateful everyday requires a mindset.Most people in my opinion do NOT have sorry for the cap, but most of the world are doers. They get up in the morning, have their coffee, bagel, doughnut, drive to work for 1 – 2 hours.Have lunch, maybe, drive home have supper, say hello to their children. maybe play with or engage them, help them with their homework, put them to bed, Maybe work on a household project or hobby, have a night cap, watch TV and go to bed.Doers have trouble being grateful.

  • By having an attitude of gratitude, it can only help you (and those around you) in your daily life. I agree that anyone can find at least one thing to be grateful for. Being that most people within this group are affiliated with the insurance industry, it can be said that at one point in time we have seen or heard of a tragic situation that warranted the need for a form of insurance. Let us be grateful to be in a position to help those in need and also ensure that those we love and care about, can benefit from the knowledge of our chosen career path. Most importantly, let’s be grateful for everyday that we do not have to personally make use of our insurance!

  • Very well stated Tanisha, thank you for sharing that thought.

  • Having Continous gratitude is key to happiness.

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